Fedex Authorized ShipCentre

Fedex Authorized ShipCentre

We are an Authorized Agent that can help you to ship your packages via Fedex Ground or Fedex Express! 

If you are shipping on a Fedex Account, you can drop it of at our location! Packages being sent on a Fedex Account should be packaged and have labels ready for shipping. 

We are also a pick up location for Fedex packages!

Cut off times:

Express – Monday to Friday 3:30pm

Ground – Next Business Day

Please Note that we do not accept Dangerous Goods. If you would like to ship Dangerous goods through Fedex please contact them at 1-800-463-3339 to find a location that accepts Dangerous Goods.

Call us at (604) 738-2953 or email us at if you would like a quote or have any questions!